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School Meals

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Pupils can order school meals in class on a daily basis. We suggest that parents discuss the meal options with their children at the weekend, ideally on a Sunday evening, so that children are aware of the meal choices available that week. We ask parents to encourage their child to participate in having a school meal, providing them with a healthy, appetising, and nutritious lunch. This could benefit your child by:

  • Providing a balanced meal which will help improve concentration and learning in the afternoons
  • Introduce your child to a wide range of food.
  • Develop social skills in sitting down at a table together with their peers and enjoy a meal.

Reception Class and Key Stage 1 - Universal Free School Meal (UFSM)
All children in Reception Class and KS1 are entitled to a free school meal under the current Government Universal Free School meals scheme.
UFSM scheme is different to the benefit based FSM/Pupil Premium funding scheme, for more information on FSM and UFSM please click here.

Key Stage 2
For children in Key Stage 2 the cost of a school lunch is £2.10 per day.
We run a very strict NO DEBT policy and work very hard with our families to achieve this. Payment for school meals should be paid for in advance. Click here to read the School Meal Provision and Debt Management Policy.
Payment for school meals can be made via an online payment service called ParentPay. We operate a cashless system at Abbey Woods and encourage all our families to pay online as this is the simplest method. You will need to register with the school office to use this facility if you have not used this facility before.
In exceptional circumstances the school can support those parents who are unable to pay online.  A PayPoint card can be issued from the school office. The PayPoint card is linked to your child’s meal account and can be used at most local shops. Please note this card can only be used to pay for school meal and you will require one card per child.

?Key Stage 2 – Free School Meals
There is a statutory right to the Free School Meals system for families who meet certain criteria.  It is important that all parents/carers who qualify take up their entitlement so that their child can receive a school meal each day.
To find out if your child is eligible to free school meals click here.  

Packed Lunch
Children who do not wish to take a cooked school meal can bring a packed lunch instead. Parents are asked to ensure that they are providing their child with a nutritionally balance lunch and that it does not include confectionery items and fizzy drinks.  The school does not currently have a Packed Lunch Policy in place as it is believed that the standard of packed lunches is sufficient. However, quality of packed lunches is monitored and teachers will discuss any concerns directly with parents.
The school recognises that parents provide packed lunches for a variety of reasons, including dietary requirements or intolerance, and religious observance. For this reason, food should not be swapped or shared with other children. 

The Dinning Environment
The school is committed to providing a welcoming eating environment that encourages the positive social and cultural interaction of our pupils. We are also committed to:

  • Support children, particularly those in Reception Class, who find the physical process of school dinners or packed lunch difficult, for example, carrying trays or opening tubs and packets
  • Encourage all children to eat the with which they have been provided
  • Provide equal treatment of children having school dinners and packed lunches, in terms of provision and supervision
  • Provide water for everyone
  • Encourage children to wash their hands before eating