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Information for new Abbey Woods families

This page contains useful things to know about starting school at Abbey Woods for families with children joining our Reception class this September. We hope you find this helpful.

How is my child introduced to school?

To ensure a smooth transition to school, your child's new teacher will, whenever possible, visit your child at nursery or pre-school to introduce themselves and find out as much about them as possible. You and your child will be invited to class visits. On your last visit you will be encouraged to leave your child for a short while after settling them down with the teacher. During this time you are usually invited to a meeting with the Headteacher and representatives of the school community. You will also have the opportunity to meet your child's teacher separately.

Where does my child learn?

We know when children are new to school life, they can be nervous, especially at transition times like the start of the school day. Reception and Nursery children share a dedicated building and outdoor space, with the freedom to explore and learn in a nurturing environment that will quickly feel safe and familiar.

How will I know what my child is doing, and if they are happy at school?

To ensure school is enjoyable for your child, it is important that we have good communication with families. There are many opportunities to keep updated on your child’s progress, including an online platform called Tapestry, where you can see what your child has been learning and exploring. Our doors are always open, and you can speak to the class teacher at the start or end of the day. In the Autumn term, we also have a parent's evening.

How will my child learn during their reception year?

Children are given the opportunity to learn through discovery and play at Abbey Woods.  We want to build confidence, resilience and independence in our pupils, and we do this by building strong relationships with them so that we can support them at whatever stage they are at.

The school year is divided into themes so that learning can follow a particular theme. However, we are also keen to follow the interests of our children in order to make play and learning meaningful and fun.

Here are the topics covered during the Reception year:

  • Autumn Term: Marvellous Me & Celebrations
  • Spring 1. Super Heroes/ People who help us.
  • Spring 2: Once Upon a Time
  • Summer 1: Food and Farming
  • Summer 2: Changes

You can find more details about the curriculum in the curriculum section of the website.